How to Create an Autumn Bathroom

The seasonal palette of autumn creates a sense of comfort, calm, and cosiness. This is something to consider recreating within your home. Bathrooms can work very well with autumnal colours and textures; creating a warm, welcoming space.

Essentially, your design goal is to mimic the landscape and the colours outdoors during the autumn months. Think of the shapes, shades and textures of the trees as they change colour, and the feeling of being wrapped up warm on a crisp autumnal day. It's this fresh, contented feeling you want to bring into your bathroom.

Above all, recreating the autumn mood in your bathroom requires colour. Warm shades of brown, ochre, gold and deep plum red are ideal for providing the right amount of warmth and style and stone tiles in cosy colours are perfect to create this warmth. It's all a matter of personal preference so consider the colours which make you feel most at home, and which will suit the walls of your home.

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house, so you can more easily experiment with different shades. Tile Depot bathroom wall tiles can be a great way to add colour, especially if you don't want to paint. Mellow ochre tiles, or deep reds can add both vivid colours and enticing shapes to your walls, or around your sink and bath.

Texture, after all, is another great way to transform your bathroom to match the season. This can be achieved through your interior decor. Consider rustic accessories and natural materials. Of course, whatever you bring into your bathroom will need to be able to withstand moisture, so be sure to look for bathroom-friendly items.

Wooden accessories are ideal for building on the theme, whether you want to use wooden-framed mirrors or themed artwork in wooden frames. Leafy, autumn designs can be incorporated in wall decals; canvas art prints; patterned tiles; tree-print shower curtains; or even autumnal embroideries on hand towels and facecloths. Pick two or three items to build on your seasonal setting, but try not to overdo it with too many things.

Alternatively, wooden vanity units make a unique statement and add a more natural, outdoor vibe to your bathroom. If you already have a wooden vanity but would like to update it, consider giving it a new coat of paint. If you do want to replace it altogether, a rich brown wood can be a beautiful addition to your bathroom; consider one with a marble top for added style and substance.

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