How To Avoid Frozen Pipes

Freezing water within a pipe tends to increase its volume when it turns solid and that may cause the pipe joints to break or burst. When that happens, large amount of water may rush through your bathroom and kitchen, damaging the floors and walls. You can prevent your pipes from freezing by.

frozen pipe

1) Pipes should be insulated
Pipes will be warmer if they are kept insulated. Pipes that are placed under chilly areas in our home such as on the attic and basement were more likely to freeze. Fortunately, we can easily purchase pipe insulation in any home improvement store at a highly affordable price. Homeowners can now wrap the pipes up to protect them and prepare for the winter's cold, or you can get the help of plumber Collaroy here: to properly insulate your pipes.

2) Keep house warm at all times
It is extremely important to keep the entire house temperature at no less than 55 degree Fahrenheit or no lower than 13 degree Celsius. This is particularly crucial when your house is vacant or you've went onto a holiday. Better if you could ask a friend or neighbor to check your house, pipes and the surrounding temperature everyday you’re away. Also, allow doors within your home to open a little to let the flow between heated and unheated room to be more even.

3) Let the water run
If the night is cold, slightly turn on the kitchen and bathroom pipes to let the water drip. Running water in the pipes does not freeze as easily as still water even at a trickle. This is a simple understanding such as comparing a water fall and a stagnant lake. Water in the still lake will freeze quickly when cold but it has to takes an ultimate cold degree to make the water fall freeze.

4) Emptying the lines
For homeowners that are leaving their home unoccupied for a long period of time, drain out water from the pipe lines can prevent pipe from freezing and give you peace of mind. To do so, first you will have to turn off the main line and let the water run out entirely from faucets in your house. If there’s a faucet outside of your house which is considered to be the lowest point on your property, drain water out from there as well.

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