Bathroom Features That Impact on Property Value

It’s easy to make your bathroom look good from your own point of view, but from the perspective of a potential buyer of your property it becomes a whole different story. It might be the case that they’re not fans of the colours, or the particular shower design, but that’s OK – these are, after all, aspects that can be changed simply due to preference rather than necessity.

bathroom features

Because of this, these aren’t the key bathroom features of the title that can impact on property value or impressing a potential buyer, instead we need a more holistic approach to the actual features of the room as a whole rather the individual parts that come down to personal taste.

For example, it’s instantly obvious to estate agents and viewers if any maintenance work is required, meaning not only an unattractive and unwelcoming bathroom through the common culprits of cracked tiles and peeled paint, but the knowledge that extra repair work comes at an extra cost. It’s no doubt more challenging to repair cracked tiles than to top up a peeling paint surface with a new coat, but these will need to be done if your property is to be valued anywhere near your expectations.

Maintenance work also encapsulates two other features. One of these is safety in the bathroom and conscious efforts to improve this will be recognised and taken into account. In fact, safety features such as a hand rails and non-slip flooring instantly open up your property to those most in need of safety reassurance in the bathroom such as the elderly and those who suffer from a disability. With these features in place, certain buyers may be more willing to outprice others.

The second feature covered by maintenance is cleanliness. With vapour in the air on an almost daily basis, bathrooms are susceptible to damp and mould, so extra effort put into cleaning to appear brand new will impact on the property value as it ensures, like with maintenance, that the room has been looked after. On the morning of a viewing, arm yourself with a cloth and cleaning products and wipe around all window sills to remove any mould that may have surfaced and make grubby basins, bathtubs and toilets glisten in the light, although be careful not to leave a strong disinfectant aroma in the air.

Finally, ecology also has a role to play. Water management has been on the up for many years now and shows no sign of stopping as manufacturers and customers alike strive to be as green as they can with their bathroom products. This of course means your property value can be affected by how healthy your bathroom is for the environment. Whether this is in the form of pressure regulators on taps and shower heads that control the flow and temperature of water, or as a dual flush toilet which is almost a formality with modern toilets nowadays, the ecology feature is a present day key to a rising property value.

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