Bay Windows

Bay windows are built with a rather distinctive design that make use of large, sometimes tall glass panels that extent almost to the ceiling, which is unlike regular types of windows. Install it in a small room and it instantly makes the room appear larger than before.

These windows are best suited for homes with exterior gardens and outdoor patios because they just look so great from the outside of the house, you've already got your guests' attention before they even step into it. It just seamlessly connects your home to the outer patio and garden. Open the large windows wide and what you get is instant cool natural air and sunlight, no more needs for air conditioners.

Bay windows are created by joining several glass panes, usually 3 or more, together at angles, which is why they are larger than most typical windows. This allows more amount of light to enter the room from all angles and hence the room will appear brighter, more open and welcoming. It gives a great sense of relaxation as if you are closer to the outdoors.

Security wise, bay windows are well equipped with reinforced frames and locks. They can be fitted with double glazing toughened glass for extra durability and energy efficiency.

From appearance to functions, bay windows have indeed scored high. There is no wonder why it has become more demanded by homeowners in the UK. Visit Double Glazing Prices to check and compare prices of these window products.

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