Types of Bed Bases

The mattress and bed base are two important components of a bed, and using a different type of bed base may very well affect the comfort level and life span of the mattress on top of it. So to make sure you are getting the best night sleep, it is good to know what types of bed bases that are available out there.


Still the most popular among the UK people, divans are usually upholstered with the same fabric as the mattress and come with storage space option. There are also platform top divans, which incorporate a hardwood frame that provides a tougher upper panel and firm surface area, mostly seen on orthopaedic beds.

Another more luxurious divan is the sprung edge divan, built with a complete spring unit that acts as a shock absorber to help improve the mattress lifespan.


Bedsteads are the more common bed frames with practically endless number of design style selections from classics to contemporary. Bedsteads are mainly made from metal or hardwood, and come with diverse range of upholsteries such as fabric and leather.

Slatted Base

The most commonly used support system for mattresses in bed frames, usually made of wood and are fixed inside the frame. The gap between each slat allows air to breathe below the mattress.

Sprung Slatted Base

Sprung slats are curved wooden slats that provides a natural bounce effect to help absorb the force exerted from your body. Bigger bed frames will have double-sided spring slats joint by a central rail that will significantly reduce the impact on the mattress caused by your body movement.

Divan bed bases are pretty reasonably priced, starting from £60-£150 at the lower end to some £200-£400 for the higher quality units. Note that most bed base units do not come with the mattress so you will have to get it separately, otherwise look for the bed set section.

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