Best Apartments from Popular TV Shows

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What are the best apartments from popular TV shows? They likely don't look like any of the rental properties you'll find around your town, but you may be able to find apartments with similar features. Think about your favorite TV apartments and what made them and the characters who lived in them so memorable.


Think you can't find apartments in New York? Everyone remembers the apartments that the Friends gang hung out in when they weren't getting a cup of coffee at Central Perk. The most notable apartment by far was the one that Monica lived in. It was a good size 2 bedroom place with a large family room and kitchen. It also had a mysterious hallway closet that Monica kept locked. She had various roommates throughout the years, and Chandler and Joey even commandeered the place for a bit; but no matter who was there, the large, brightly painted apartment made an excellent backdrop for one of the most popular sitcoms.


Jerry Seinfield's New York apartment on the show Seinfield was just like Jerry: it was clean, organized and had the potential to be quite funny. It was a small 1 bedroom place with a tiny kitchen and family room. Since it was in a high-rise building in New York there was plenty of buzzing visitors up, yelling out the window and even throwing things out the window - like George's toupee when Elaine declared, "I hate this thing." Rental properties are not easy to come by in New York, and Seinfield knew that better than anyone. He even considered moving once, at the prompting of Elaine who wanted his place, but he stayed in the same apartment until the show ended over 10 years after it started.

Big Bang Theory

More recently, fans have enjoyed the antics that take place in the Inland Empire apartment building from The Big Bang Theory. One of the funniest things about their apartment building is the non-working elevator that the boys blew up at the beginning of the season. Week after week, we watch the characters walk up multiple flights of stairs to their apartment; as it seems like the elevator will just never be fixed. Much like in Friends, the men live across from the women (or woman in this case). Sheldon and Leonard live in a very neutral, clean, and nerd-friendly apartment, where they spend the majority of their time playing video games. What this two-bedroom apartment lacks in interior design and style, it attempts to make up in a laundry list of strict rules, which are clearly outlined in Sheldon's "roommate contract" - a perfect example of how their socially awkward personalities manifest themselves in overall presentation of the apartment. Penny, the aspiring actress who lives in the apartment across the hall, offers some comic relief and much-needed contrast to her geeky neighbors. Penny's graceful social skills and bubbly personality become immediately apparent before we are even introduced to her character - her apartment is the polar opposite of her neighbors' neutral, uninspiring home décor. Complete with Chinese lanterns above the bed, bold color schemes, and vintage, mismatched throw pillows strewn along the turquoise sofa, Penny's apartment embodies her carefree and vibrant personality.

You may not be able to live in rental properties that are as fun as the ones on TV, but with a little luck you'll get some that are equally as enjoyable.

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