Roofing Contractors Can Be Your Best Friend!

Your roof is a vital, yet often, neglected component to your home. As time goes by, it is subjected to harsh weather conditions, sun damage and erosion. All of these factors and more contribute to the deterioration of the roof. Regular maintenance and repair can prolong the life of your roof, as well as save you some substantial financial costs. Not only that, it also helps ensure the safety of you and others living in the home. The use of a professional roofing contractor can be very beneficial.

Just as people are recommended to get an annual checkup by a physician, a roof should also receive a regular inspection. The best time to get such an inspection depends on several factors, such as the age and condition of your roof. Generally, it is suggested that you receive an inspection before your area's most severe weather season. This could include extended periods of heat, rain, snow, or wind, depending on the location. Regardless of this, it is often best to have your roof inspected twice a year.

According to The Leaf Man, there are three main tests conducted by roofing contractors to determine the amount of water damage done to the roof. An infrared scan is a good way to reveal how much moisture is in your roof as heat is transmitted more effectively through wet insulation. This scan lets the contractor know the levels of heat retained or lost by the insulation. The second test uses electrical capacitance and resistance meters to show how conductive your roof may be. This is because water conducts electricity well. The final test uses a nuclear isotopic meter to count the number of hydrogen molecules that are present.

Other than water damage, experienced roofing contractors like the ones at also look for a few other signs of damage. A simple visual survey of the roof can tell a contractor a great deal. If there is obvious damage to the surface or coating of the roof, it may be in need of repair. Leaves and other debris is also a sign of neglect. It is also a good idea to inspect the drainage system as collected water from clogged gutters can cause a massive roof failure. This can result in the collapse of a significant portion of the roof, which could lead to serious injury and expense.

While hiring a contractor to inspect or repair your roof may be a bit costly at first, it will save you much more money in the long run. It is best to hire a professional that knows what to look for, and how to correct the problem and perform the proper repairs right the first time. Click here to see more examples of exactly what a professional can do for you and your home.

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