Create Your Ideal Bedroom

To create an ideal bedroom, what you need first is a plan in mind, sketch it down on a piece of paper and then let your creativity begin. Ask yourself what you are looking for and what you really need from the room. A place to relax or a place you could do some work? Do you watch your favorite movie on bed or do you just want to have a comfortable night sleep? Also, depending on the amount of space you have, you may possibly fit in a bigger bed and larger storage units.

On your sketch paper, first draw down your room's structural elements, electrical as well as plumbing systems which can't be relocated. Unless you are looking for a reconstruction, you should mark where the doors, windows, wires and pipes are. Then test out the arrangement of your new furniture on the paper. Keep in mind that you still need extra open spaces for drawers or cabinet doors to open and sufficient walkway around the bed.

Here are four key aspects that you should look after:

1) Bed - This vital piece of furniture is also the focal point of your room, therefore it has to be placed correctly. Most of the time, if your bed has a headboard, it will be put against the wall. If space allows, you may want to adjust the bed to the middle of the room and see how it feels. Of course, sleeping on a bigger bed is much more comfortable, so pick the biggest mattress you could afford within your budget and try not to go for anything smaller than a queen size if you are a couple. Regardless of your room size, it is best not to place the bed behind the door or facing directly towards the door, it will somehow make your room more restricted.

2) Wardrobe - The second most important piece of furniture in your bedroom is a storage. There are custom built-in wardrobes that will fully utilize the vertical space from the floor to the ceiling and also freestanding chests and cabinets. No matter what kind of storage furniture you choose, test, explore and think about what you can store inside these compartments first. This is important because the better you can organize, the more things you can keep inside.

3) Flooring - Preferably, bedrooms have to install a wooden floor base rather than stone flooring. This is mostly due to the discomfort of cold feet that you might experience on a stone floor when you wake up in the morning. Wooden floors, be it solid, laminated or engineered have vast selections of patterns available. They are highly durable and can be installed over an underfloor heating system. Since a bedroom has lesser foot traffic, you can also add in carpets even if it's in a pale color shade.

4) Lighting - Here are a few simple rules you can follow. Lightings need to be functional yet stylish. Windows are a good source of natural lighting in the morning. Whether if they produce enough light into your room or not, you still require brighter lights to reach every corner of the room and a decently lit one inside your wardrobe. However, you must not install it right on top of where you were sleeping. Lamps with soft shade and dimmer bulbs are a great combination to create warm and romantic ambiance. Plus, they can also act as reading lights. Remember to install task light if you need to work and use wall lights to highlight features if you have to, like wall paintings or wardrobe doors.

Your bedroom should show your own personality. Be confident in your own design and the theme you incorporated. You can never go wrong with a charming room. For example, metallic, mirrored and white leather furniture can be alluring while black leather and dark wood furnishing is more luxury and smart looking. Do visit website and nearby stores to hunt for different kinds of bedroom furniture. As long as you are happy and comfortable with the feel, chances are you will have a better night sleep.

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