Using Curtains as a Closet Door

Curtains are a wonderful asset to any room and can be particularly elegant when used to replace the typical closet door. Whereas closet doors are designed to blend into the rest of the room and essentially be a continuation of the walls, fabric barriers can be chosen to either meld or to give a room a particular personality and character.

Using fabric in place of a closet door is a particularly great alternative when decorating a room for children as curtains are unable to pinch little fingers and toes and come in a variety of whimsical colours and designs. Of course, this is not to say that adults and children alike can't enjoy the benefits of curtain closet doors.

Depending upon the desires of the homeowners, the fabric can be chosen to match the paint on the walls so as to blend in seamlessly or they can be used to bring colour to an otherwise bland space. This is a great opportunity to add texture and style to the bedroom or any other room of the house.

When deciding on which fabric to use for the closet door, the first step is to determine what the goal of the design will be. The homeowner should consider what he or she wants out of the closet curtain. For example, will the entire area be covered or will only a portion be concealed? The imagination really is the limit when it comes to using fabric over a closet opening. Other items to consider include the patterns and colours that would fit into the room or accentuate the closet area and whether tiebacks or holdbacks will be used to drape the curtain or the curtain will be slid from side to side whenever an item needs to be retrieved from the closet.

Once the desires of the individual have been determined when it comes to area covered, both the length and width of the closet need to be measured. This will be the minimum amount of fabric needed to cover the entire area of the closet. Whether or not this amount of fabric is sufficient will again depend upon the desires of the decorator. The next step is to measure the dimensions of the area of desired coverage. The homeowner needs to consider whether he or she will hang the curtain rod above the closet door jamb or within the jamb as this will affect the amount of fabric needed.

After all measurements have been taken, the shopping can begin. The curtain can either be bought ready-made or fabric can be purchased in order to create the desired design. Along with the fabric, the homeowner will also require rods and holdbacks and/or tiebacks if desired. Once all of the materials have been acquired, the installation process is typically quite simple. The majority of curtain hardware packages come with easy to follow instructions that make the process easy to complete. Within a short period, the closet can be given a new look that can add a charm to any room.

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