Decorative Shelf Brackets

Wall shelves that are used to be mounted with shelf brackets are still a very popular choice in these modern days, although a lot of new decorative shelves have came into the market recently, such as the floating shelves, which come with hidden or visible built in brackets.

installing bracket

These shelf brackets can really add to the décor of your home. Strong brackets, in addition, are able to provide the extra support you may need for your shelves.

Some of the designs, however, are very industrial like, which might not be appealing enough. A good example is the one as simple as an L shaped bracket. On the other hand, decorative types are those created in a more ornate or sleek way. They can be made of many kinds of materials such as wood, polymer, ceramics and more commonly of metal. Most of them can provide sufficient support but not all decorative brackets are produced to bear real weight. Some are just purely made as an additional touch to your shelf.

Installing a shelf is easy but many times instruction and fittings were not included. Standard tools such as a screw driver, drill, spirit level, tape measure, pencil, hammer, stud detector and pipe/cable locator are required to do the job. You can also use power tools if you have them. Always check to see whether the packing contain fittings like screws and wall plugs. If it doesn't, buy suitable fittings for your wall as well as your brackets.

First, find a desired place to measure the height you want from the floor and from each additional shelf on top of another. Next, use the stud detector for plaster wall to find the stud to drill on for maximum strength. You can skip that step if you have a brick wall. Then, used the pipe and cable locator to make sure the spot you're drilling is free of hidden pipes and cables.

Before drilling, put your bracket on the wall with the spirit level on top to get a horizontal plane. Now mark the hole with a pencil and start drilling. With the drilled holes ready, knock in a wall plug with your hammer and screw in the bracket. Place the shelf on top of the fixed bracket and level it again with the spirit level to see if you need any adjustment. Assuming that everything is fine and you're satisfied, proceed with the rest of the drillings and brackets installation.

Once finished, slide in the shelf and screw them in place. Some shelves do not have pre-drilled holes underneath them, so you can just lay it on the brackets. Different types of brackets may have different kind of functions. Pick strong metal or stainless steel ones for heavy duty storage that involves books and discs, while decorative or delicate ones can be used to place photos or other light weight displays. So choose your brackets wisely and make sure it is according to your taste.

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