Tips For The Easy Removal Of Old Carpet And Furniture

Carpet seems to be relevant to every homeowner. However, sometimes there is a need to have it removed in order to replace with a new carpet or with a different kind of flooring. Whether you plan to bring it with you or are replacing it to sell your home for more money, get is available, especially if you have to move all your furniture! Even is you are just changing the carpet in your home, hiring a moving company can make the job that much easier. There are many movers Toronto that can help you out, but the experts at Rent-A-Son are known for their reliable and professional service.

Removing carpet sounds harder than what it actually is. If you are planning to remove a carpet on your own, you'll probably end up saving up to hundreds of dollars. First, move out any furniture that is on top of the carpeting which is going to be removed. Then, place all of the moved furniture into a location that will not affect the removal of the carpeting. Also, moving the furniture to your garage or outside (weather permitting) by a moving company allows you to watch over your stuff at all time.

Try having a plan set in place to efficiently map out where the furniture is going to go. Next, select a partner to help you, such as a family member or a friend. Carpet can also be quite dangerous to handle at times, so make sure to use proper shoes as well as heavy work gloves. The use of knee pads can be beneficial as well when kneeling down. Make sure that during the removal, all pets and children are kept within a safe location away from the job site. Use a carpet knife to cut the carpet beginning from the shorter side of the room. However, be careful to not damage the underneath flooring by being cautious with the use of the carpet knife. Have one person do the cutting while the other does the pulling. The edges of the carpet can be the trickiest because they are sustained by tacks.

However, once all of the edges are pulled out, the hard work is complete. The carpet should then easily lift up and can be next rolled away. Remove the padding underneath the same way the carpet was removed. Lastly, remove the staples on the floor with pliers and a screwdriver and then clean up your mess with a broom or vacuum. Now, if these tips sound a bit too difficult for you and you are living within Toronto, Canada, you are in need of Rent-A-Son. Rent-A-Son, is full of local experts for household moving. Please contact them for award winning services.

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