How to Complete an Effective Roof Inspection

Maintaining your roof is extremely important. The roof suffers a lot of damage throughout the year; from ice and rain, tree branches and gale force winds, as well as sun glare. It really is one tough cookie but it still needs some care and attention every once in a while.

Therefore it is imperative that you regularly inspect it to ensure nothing needs fixing or replacing. Your roof system can deteriorate from severe weather conditions and if it is not dealt with quickly, you could end up with one hefty repair bill. Maintenance is vital to work out the roof lifespan and a neglected roof can cost you a fortune in the long-run.

Whilst maintenance should always be conducted by trained workers, did you know that not all those who are killed or injured whilst working on roofs are trained roofers?

Here is an expert guide to completing an effective roof inspection safely, according to Public Works and Services.

Before you do anything...


Essential areas to check:

If you have a sloped roof, check the following:

If you have a flat/membrane roof, check the following:


Roof maintenance is crucial to retaining a healthy, sturdy roof exterior. It is a very worth-while investment that will keep you warm and dry. Think of it like the top of your head; you regularly get a haircut and wash your hair to keep it in tip top condition because after all, it protects your most important organ, the brain.

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