How to Fix a Slumping Sofa

Picture this - you go to sit down on your sofa and, FLOMP, it feels like your knees are higher than your head. Your sofa is sagging and it's time for an emergency DIY session. Not savvy with a toolbox? Don't worry, here's step-by-step guide on how to fix a slumping sofa!


Stay Safe

Sofas are made out of various bits and bobs including padding, fabric, springs and wood. It is important that you suit up with safety gear. You don't want any stray spring hitting you in the eye. Wear goggles and work gloves so you don't suffer from any sofa war wounds. Don't worry about looking silly - you can do this in the safety of your own home.

Step 1

Remove the sofa cushions and turn the sofa over.

Step 2

Check if the fabric on the base is torn and look out for broken wood (see, the gloves come in handy for those splinters!)

Step 3

If the fabric is worn out then replace it with similar stuff from a craft store. All you have to do is fix it into place with a wall stapler. It's easier than it sounds!

Step 4

If it is the wood that's giving you trouble then simply replace the broken parts with plywood to strengthen the frame.

Step 5

Turn your sofa back over and check the seating area. Check the springs under the fabric layer. If they're twisted then it's pretty easy to bend them back into shape using pliers. If the fabric is fraying then repeat Step 3.

Step 6

Cut to size a thin piece of plywood that's big enough to cover the seating fabric. Slot it into the seating area.

Step 7

Check your sofa cushions - they could be the cause of the Great Sofa Slump. Ensure they're fully padded out. If they feel too soft then they definitely need refilling.

Step 8

Place the sofa cushions back onto the sofa and put your feet up - you earned it.

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