How to Make Your Roof Last Longer (5 Tips)

It's essential that you protect your roof and do regular maintenance so that your roof can last longer and save you money. Roofs are one of the most expensive parts of a home. Having to pay for a new roof could deplete your budget and put your family in a financial crises. By regularly repairing and doing preventative maintenance on your roof, you will significantly lengthen its life expectancy. Not only will this make life easier for you, it will save you money as well. Below, you will find five tips to make your roof last longer.

1 - Clean the gutters regularly

The gutters of your roof are fundamental to its functionality. Without gutters, water would drain from the roof erratically and it would quickly saturate your home and cause water damage. By cleaning your gutters regularly, you will ensure that the entire roof stays in good condition because the water will be regulated more effectively. However, cleaning the gutters of your roof can be a strenuous and tiring job. Be sure to stop by your local hardware store and pick up a tool that is specifically designed for gutter cleaning. This will make the job much easier and it will help you finish quicker as well.

2 - Unclog drains and install drain extenders

The gutters are the first step to a proper drainage system. However, if the drains themselves are clogged, then cleaning the gutters will not do much for the roof. Be sure to check if your drains are clogged and if they are, use a long poll to unclog them. If you aren't sure how to check for clogged drains, all that you have to do is run a long chain down the drains. Start from the top of your roof and if the chain makes it out the end, then there wasn't any debris that blocked its path. It's also important to install drain extenders to the ends of your drains so that water will pour well away from your home. If the drains end too closely to your home, water could saturate the ground and get underneath your home, which would cause water damage.

3 - Regularly clean the surface of your roof

By keeping your roof clean, you will ensure that it stays in good condition. Roofs will start to develop moss and this is a type of fungus that can develop into mold if you do not remove it quickly. Pressure washing your roof is a quick and easy way to keep it clean. Be careful not to damage the roof by pressure washing on a high setting though. Always start out on the lowest setting possible.

4 - Keep surrounding trees trimmed

Tree branches and limbs are known to fall on roofs and cause serious damage. If you don't trim the trees around your home, your roof could fall victim to this. By keeping the trees trimmed, you will protect your roof and ensure that large branches will not break off and fall onto it. If you live in an area where snow or hail is common, this is even more important.

5 - Repair the roof immediately when problems arise

If your roof develops a leak, it's very important that you repair it quickly. Leaks in roofs are a very serious problem and by not repairing them, it could escalate to a more serious issue. It's important to repair your roof right when the issue occurs. This is essential to having a long lasting roof and it could save you from having to purchase an entirely new roof. Don't forget to do some comparison shopping before hiring a contractor!

Author Bio: This article was written by Larry Smith of

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