Ways To Maintain Your HVAC and Keeps the Cost Low

There are numerous ways of reducing HVAC repair and energy costs, which require little in the way of capital. Areas that can house lots of people simultaneously (such as auditoriums and theaters), and spaces where air cannot be recirculated, due to activities being carried out (such as hair salons and laboratories), pay a lot of money to cool, heat, dehumidify or humidify air from outside - prior to drawing it into the premises. In these situations, variable air volume controls should be used. Often, it is possible to minimize the flow of air, without sacrificing fresh air. By checking the building code and measuring air flow, big savings can be enjoyed at virtually no cost.

Repairing HVAC

In buildings where the majority of air gets recirculated, HVAC costs can be lowered by the innovative use of air from outdoors. Economizers use air from outdoors to cool spaces, when the outdoor air is substantially dryer and cooler than the indoor air. Based on the humidity levels outdoors, outdoor air that is sixty to sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit can be used to cool buildings for free. Over time, outdoor air dampers might not seal tightly or shut completely. Applying edge seals (which are flexible strips of plastic designed to facilitate sealing) can be a cost effective way of reducing damper leakage, particularly in cool northern regions.

Cost cutting opportunities can also present themselves, because of changes unconnected to HVAC units. If internal loads are lowered (for example, if the lighting efficiency is upgraded), reheating can be minimized by raising discharge temperatures. Based on the HVAC unit's operational sequence, this sort of cooling load reduction might otherwise lead to an increase in reheating energy.

This is one reason why it is wrong to assume that lighting upgrades reduce cooling loads. In certain situations, it might be possible to stop reheating and increase the temperature of the cooling coil discharge. In notably humid areas, other control tactics might be required. Resetting the temperature of the cooling coil discharge automatically, depending on the humidity and temperature of the indoor and fresh air, might also cut down on simultaneous cooling and heating.

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