How To Individualise Your Child's Nursery

New parents with a young child, newborn baby or who are planning the nursery before the baby is born might wonder about methods of individualising the nursery to match their personal styles with the baby themes. With a little time and careful planning, soon-to-be parents can make the room look and feel comforting and ready for a new baby.

Parents should always begin the decoration with a theme. Themes might range from a specific colour combination like white and blue, or it might base the idea for the look around a story like Cinderella. Depending on the specific theme, the design and look of the nursery will change. For example, a story theme might use a mural along the walls to tell the story while a colour theme is simpler.

The theme provides the palette or backdrop for the design, giving parents a place to start and work an individual design around.

Designing the nursery should take into account the selected theme and determine what elements to add to the room for the perfect nursery. Parents should think of everything from the type of furniture to put in the room to organisation to the smallest details. Even the window treatments, such as kid's Roman blinds, should be part of the design before starting the actual work. This provides parents with a basic idea, though some specifics might change during the implementation of the design.

Starting From Walls:
The walls are the start of any room design. Parents should always begin by developing the look of the wall, whether that means painting or adding a mural to the paint already in the room. Once the walls are ready, then the details of furniture that match or contrast allows the individual design to form.

The Furniture:
Once the background and basics are complete, parents should begin looking for nursery furniture. For an individualised room, parents should avoid department stores that have cookie-cutter furniture and try looking for hand-carved options, refurbished furniture or antiques that are safe for a baby or able to make safe. These pieces of furniture will add a unique element to the room while avoiding that cookie-cutter design of a basic furniture or department store.

The Details:
The details, like kid's Roman blinds in the windows, are the last element of the individual design. The small details create the small personal touches that finish off the decoration so that the room is finished and ready for the new baby. The details of any nursery will depend on parents and their preferences. The blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, toys and softening items that complete the room give the design a lived in feeling rather than a magazine picture opportunity.

Designing the nursery might take a few months to complete, but with an individual design it will feel comfortable for the whole family. When Mummy and Daddy are pleased with the room and feel comfortable in the nursery, the new baby will feel calm while in the room as well. As a first step into parenthood, the nursery design is a great way to prepare for the coming baby.

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