How to Insulate your Windows for Winter?

It requires some hard work every year to ensure that your home remains warm and comfortable during the winter months. The following guide will provide valuable help on locating leaks and insulating the windows in your home. Even if you have implemented these measures last year, the chances are that you will have to redo most of the insulation almost every year.

Locating Leaks

If you want to keep your home warm during the winters and save on energy costs, the first step will be to locate any air leaks. This test can deliver best results if you conduct it on a cold and breezy day. Leave the furnace, clothes dryer and exhaust fans on to increase the pressure difference. This will draw out the air from the house and then outside air will be drawn in from the leaking points.

Hold a few smoking incense sticks or votive candles close to the windows and the movement of the smoke will clearly help locate the points of drafts. Check if the weather stripping has worn out and is in need of replacement. Make sure to keep marking the areas with chalk so that you can insulate them better.

Insulation Film

Insulation kits can be found in hardware stores, and they usually feature plastic shrink film for applying on the indoor frame using double-stick tape. It is then heated using hair dryer so that it shrinks and all the wrinkles are removed. This is an inexpensive way to effectively insulate the windows. Make sure to do it properly to avoid the windows looking cloudy.

Layered Curtains

Hang layered curtains or curtains made of thicker fabrics over the windows to help prevent the drafts from entering. The additional benefit with this method is that it looks appealing and you can match the curtains with the interior decor.

Rubber Weather Sealing

Visit a hardware store or search online and you can find self-stick rubber weather strips that can easily stick onto the frames and close any gaps. Cut these strips to the size of the window, peel them and stick onto the frame. These seals can be highly effective in keeping out the drafts. They are inconspicuous and inexpensive.

When it comes to weather-stripping, it should be installed at places where the surfaces slide or move together. The choice of the weather-stripping will be based on the type of window. Other insulation methods include caulking and plastic film. While you will be using all these methods to make your home feel cozy and warm, make sure to place a few colorful votive candles around your home to enhance the winter feeling.

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