LED Lighting Technology - Worry Free Home Improvement

LED lighting technology has been around for well over a decade however it's only in the last few years that it has become more widely used in domestic and commercial premises.

One of the major driving forces behind the speed of LED technology adoption has been cost. When they first hit the market, LED lighting was significantly more than halogen and compact fluorescent alternatives. However over time this price has significantly come down and now LED technology is available to the majority of homeowners.


So why should you purchase LED lighting?

For a start, LED bulbs have a maximum lifespan of 50,000 hours which means you're not going to be changing many of them over your lifetime. While the upfront cost is a little higher for LED they will save you significantly more money in the long run. LED bulbs require less power than incandescent and CFL lamps. A 60W incandescent bulb will have an 800 lumen light output however it only takes 6.3 watts to produce the same light output from LED.

They're also significantly greener than other types of bulb. Not only do LED bulbs require a tenth of the electricity of incandescent lamps but they also generate no heat.

LED bulbs don't contain any toxic mercury which means that they are significantly easier to recycle. Not to mention, it qualifies as a worry free improvement every home owner can make.

Finally LEDs offer a better quality of light. Remember with the old CFL bulbs how it would take an age for them to reach their full light output? Well with LED downlights there's no waiting for the bulb to 'warm up'! The second you switch a light on you instantly have full brightness.

You're also able to take advantage of the many different colour temperatures available through LED lighting which means that you can really set the atmosphere for each room.

With so many great LED lighting products on the market it's exciting to see what can be done with the technology.

A great online supplier of LED technology is City Electrical Factors which carry a huge range of both indoor and outdoor LED products including downlights, emergency lighting, floodlights and more.

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