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Four reasons to buy new

One of the most common problems with buying and selling houses is the dreaded chain. The average number of houses in any chain is thought to be seven and this can cause anxiety and some major problems if one of them falls through.

No chains and better deals

Buying a new-build reduces the chain drastically, or removes it all together if you are a first time buyer. And even if you are not, at least you only have to worry about the chain behind you and not ahead of you as well.

What is more, some developers will help you with selling your old home, sometimes even on a part-exchange basis, buying your old home from you in order for you to buy their newly-built one and then they can sell it off at a later date. They may even offer you discounted prices or favourable finance packages which lessen the burden of buying the new home.

Energy efficiency

Government rules require all newly-built homes to be built to strict guidelines of energy efficiency, requiring double-glazing, wall and floor insulation, energy efficient appliances, draught proofing and much more. The benefits here are two-fold. Not only will your bills and running costs be much lower, but your carbon footprint will also be much lower, so you will be doing your bit for the environment at the same time.

Estimates suggest that newly built homes are almost seven times more efficient than old, second-hand homes. This could save you hundreds on utility bills each year and the expected maintenance costs are low. Everything is brand new so you should not have to replace that boiler or those kitchen units for a number of years to come. If only the same was true of second-hand houses.

Personalised specification

If you look to buy a home that has not yet been built, or is in the process of being built, you may be able to get the specification and design of the house tailored to your needs. You could divide rooms to get more rooms, merge rooms to get bigger spaces, alter the specification and design of the kitchen or bathroom to match your tastes perfectly. Buying a new-build gives you all these options which you will not get if buying a second-property. Instead all of that will need to be paid for and carried out once the house is bought, so if you know what you want, maybe a new build is perfect.

The sense that it is yours

Moving into a new-build and you are moving into a house that no-one has ever owned before, no traces of previous owners, no history, no-one has even used the kitchen yet, so you can be the first. You can make your mark on a property than no-one else has had a chance to yet, the sense of ownership of a new-build is unlike anything you can get with a second-hand property.

So if these reasons appeal to you, check out some new build properties from Linden Homes.

Dominic Davidson formerly worked in the construction business before turning to journalism. He now writes for a number of publications. He is a new-build enthusiast and lives himself in a #Ben Bailey Homes property.

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