How to Revive Your Old Bedroom Furniture

If your bedroom furniture is looking a bit tired but you really don't want to have to go to the expense or hassle of buying new items to replace the old, much-loved bed and chest of drawers or wardrobe, then consider renovating it instead.

The word 'renovating' doesn't necessarily imply time with an industrial sander and shedloads of MDF. It can be doing something as simple as giving your bedroom furniture a lick of paint. Painting furniture is a bit trickier than painting walls or ceilings, though, so you really do need to know what you're doing first. But it's not hard to learn and it can give immense satisfaction with a job well-done when you've finished.

The typical bedroom furniture you'll be renovating will be your bed (if it has a wooden frame), your wardrobe and your chest of drawers.

A painted bed can be a beautiful bed if you choose the right colour and apply it carefully. You'll need to start with a primer, which will seal the existing wood or colour to prevent it from 'leaking' through the new colour. If the wood is rough, you may need to sand it first, which will help the new paint to 'hold' well, but a small sheet of sandpaper shouldn't take too much effort or cost to sort out.

If you have an upholstered bed, then consider having it re-covered: upholstered beds can look amazing when they've been re-covered with fresh, new material.

If your wardrobes are looking faded you could give them a simple coat of paint to refresh them, perhaps to match the paintwork in your room. You can also add new doorknobs to give them a facelift.

You can choose a simple coat of paint in a colour that you like and that will co-ordinate with the rest of the room, or you can try some paint techniques if you want to give your room a particular look. For example if you want your furniture to look aged (as in antique, not as in old and decrepit) then you can 'distress' your paintwork to make it look well-worn. You use a primer colour that will be visible through the main colour - once it's dry, you rub wax (a candle is perfect) across the piece on the corners and edges, and then apply a second colour. The base colour will show through where the candle has been rubbed.

You could try your hand at stencilling, too, which can turn your standard wooden bed into a stylish French bed very easily: some beautiful beds have been created that way. French bedroom furniture are known for their detailed patterns (either carved into the wood or painted on) and stencilling is an excellent way to achieve this if you're not confident with your free-hand painting skills You can buy paper or plastic stencils from any DIY store and go to work creating your masterpiece - or if you're working to a budget then you could always use sections of paper doilies which are available very cheaply from most supermarkets. Add co-ordinating stencils to your wardrobe and chest of drawers to complete the look. If you want to know where to buy new vintage looking bedroom furniture read The Sleeproom customer review.

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