Steam Cleaners : More Than Just Hot Air

There's no such thing as a magic solution for household chores. However, the good news is, there are plenty of ways that you can speed them up and make them much less taxing. Steam cleaners have become an increasingly popular way of lessening the domestic load, and you'll probably be familiar with the most common ways to deploy these nifty gadgets: disinfecting surfaces, cleaning the patio and refreshing upholstery may come to mind. Besides the obvious, there are plenty of other situations where they can come in handy. Here are just a few...

steam cleaner

Have a meltdown

Chipping away with reddened fingers at your stubbornly frosted freezer compartment like an arctic explorer is no fun, so deploy a steam cleaner to eradicate the elbow grease from the process. Not only will it swiftly turn icebergs to slush, it will sanitize the interior of your freezer, ready for the hygienic safekeeping of your frozen food.

Spruce up your suits

Wrestling the ironing board out of its hibernation under the stairs is a chore in itself, so leave it be and instead fire up the steam cleaner. Brushing the nozzle lightly across wrinkled garments will smooth out kinks, freshen up the lustre of material and help wipe out any lingering smells. It may just pay for itself in dry cleaning bills.

Valet the car

For most, cleaning out the family vehicle usually goes little farther than a bin liner, a quick vacuum, and perhaps a hastily swiped wet wipe over the dashboard to wipe out any offending stains. With a steam cleaner, you can get your upholstery looking and smelling so much fresher, especially if your dogs travel in the car too.

Steaming windows gleaming

There's a lot to be said for not having to mess around with detergent and buckets. This is where a steam cleaner can help lessen the load of cleaning windows. Make sure to get one with the proper window-cleaning squeegee attachment to save yourself the irritation of smears, smudges, and soggy elbows.

Sanitize your sleeping quarters

A mattress can contain between 10,000 and 100,000 dust mites, and the average person loses half a pint of sweat every night! Try not to lose any sleep over it, dust mites are part of every household, but their numbers can be reduced with regular vacuuming and steam cleaning. In households with asthmatics or those who suffer from allergies, a steam cleaner will be an invaluable way of clearing out critters that can trigger an attack.

When buying a steam cleaner, don't just pick the first one on offer, remember it should meet the criteria of your household. Consider its bulk for storage, its portability, and its accessories and attachment, and remember to assess the most important criteria: its potential to help you finish the chores and get your feet up!

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