Toilets and Basins - Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures can be quite expensive sometimes but the bigger problem that you might want to avoid is not to buy items that may easily go out of fashion. Unlike regular furniture pieces, fixtures are not movable once installed and you might need to hire a contractor to do the installation or uninstallation work, so it is not very likely for anyone to change these fixtures in every one or two years.

Fortunately, you have the option to buy bathroom furniture sets or contemporary suite which comes with bathroom fixtures and accessories with matching designs, and that gives your bathroom a good balance between function and style. Fixtures with simple and modest designs are very popular in modern bathrooms especially those that are designed with nice curves and elegant straight lines. On the contrary, overly ornated toilets and basins might be the ones that go out of date faster.

Generally, there are three types of toilet and basin designs that you can choose from. A back to wall, wall hung or close coupled toilet and a wall hung, pedestal or semi pedestal basin.

The difference in toilet options are where the cistern is placed. The cistern of a back to wall and wall hung toilet is hidden behind the wall or being concealed into a fitted bathroom furniture. But wall hung toilets have a gap between the ground and the base of the toilet that offers a minimal appeal to it. While close coupled toilet is the traditional type where the cistern and bowl is on display.

As for the basins, the wall hung type reveals the pipework below it but you can always use chrome pipes or chrome pipe covers to make it look more attrative. Pedestal and semi pedestal basins are both wall hung basins as well but they come with a base that conceals all the pipework below the washbowl. A pedestal basin's base is hollow and rises from the ground up to support the sink. Whereas a semi pedestal basin's base is installed several inches above the ground before it reaches the sink.

Toilet fixtures have no particular standard or sizing and will vary from every manufacturer. You simply have to measure the British toilets and basins that you will be installing beforehand to make sure that there is enough comfortable space and room. If you wanted something more extravagant, you may take a look at luxurious basins that are made wider or you may opt for a double basins design. Sometimes, the tap and waste set are sold along with the basin in a package but you might have to pick them up separately if they are not being included. So even when you are on a budget, be sure to choose tap that is durable and can compliment with your basin.

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