Travertine Tiles for the Bathroom

Travertine tiles are a type of tile made from a material called Travertine, which is a form of limestone and mainly consists of calcium carbonate. Travertine is not to be confused with marble, which is another type of stone that shares some similar characteristics, although in fact, they are two different kinds of stones.

travertine bathroom

Usually when you are about to choose the building materials for your bathroom, there is a big possibility that you may come across travertine and marble, these two types of tiles. But before we discuss any further, please keep in mind that both of these tiles can be easily affected by acids or alkalis that may etch and damage the surface of the stone. So if you are planning to use such materials in your bathroom, make sure that you are not storing any sort of acidic liquids in the bathroom and do your best to prevent them from coming into contact.

Travertine tiles have been growing more popular than the common marble tiles for a number of reasons. Processed travertine comes in a variety of colors. You can find travertine tiles in colors of beige, walnut, ivory and even gold. Travertine tiles can also be finished with a matte or shiny surface. Tiles with a shiny or polished surface are able to reflect a more amount of light whereas a tile with a matte surface will just reflect a little amount of light. A different finish provides a different look and feel.

It is important to know which sort of tile surface is suitable for which sort of place. Light plays the deciding role in this case. If a room is very bright with the lightings on, then it may not be suitable to buy tiles that are glossy and reflective. Instead, use matte tiles that are less reflective to light.

For the floor, a lot of people will prefer to use matte tiles that provide more friction in order to prevent accidents in the bathroom. Polished tiles can be slippery if they are used for the flooring, but they look especially good on the walls. So you may consider mixing both types of tiles to create unique look.

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