Wet Basements? Learn About Steps You Can Take

Water is an essential part of life, especially if you live in Nova Scotia. Living as close as we do to the ocean means that no matter where you go, there will be water. The ocean is beautiful to look out at when the weather is calm and serene, but when there is hurricane on the way or a tropical storm, things can change quickly - especially if you know that the water out there will soon be on its way to your basement. Many of us live with leaky foundations and basements, ignoring the problem until it becomes dire, but this is not really any way to live. A wet basement leads mold and mildew, and this unappealing development; with its dank odors accompanied by mold spores filling the air can be the cause of serious illness, allergies and asthma. Not to mention the fact that chronic hydrostatic pressure on the basement walls will lead to structural damage and even failure.

cracked foundation wall

If a basement stays wet, the structural integrity of the building will suffer. But there are many ways to prevent this happening before it starts. First and foremost, it is a good idea to set up a system that will attract water away from the home and the basement. Make an appointment with a professional like the ones at AquaTight Basements who specializes in these kinds of repairs and issues, and in the meantime, check around the foundation for areas that stay wet. Make sure the gutter down spouts are emptying water at least 10 feet away from the foundation of your home.

Once the professionals get there, one of their first steps will be to seal up the basement walls. Basements get wet from excess water seeping into the cracks and pores of the cement joints in the cinder blocks. They may also recommend you install a dehumidifier in your basement after all the water is out. You should aim to run the dehumidifier often enough to keep the humidity level low so that mold and mildew do not grow. These steps will go a long way in decreasing the moisture around the foundation of your home so that the basement will stay dry with healthy air to breathe.

One of the most important steps to take in all of this is to ensure that the professionals helping you to seal off your basement are locally owned and operated, well-reviewed, and come with a track record of success. These companies will be able to provide you with options that include repair service, mold remediation, basement wall repair and reinforcement, application of external and internal sealants - no matter what the problem is, professionals will be able to ensure that there is a workable solution for them. When cracks or bows appear in your basement walls, it is getting to be serious. Rather than waiting for a complete structural disaster to happen, be sure to consult the experts at AquaTight Basements and get real, workable solutions for your wet basement-related problems.

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