Zip and Link Beds for a Guest Room

If you have a guest room prepared, you must be wondering what type of bed might be the best to accommodate your overnight guests. Sometimes it's just difficult to decide whether to have two separate single beds or just one full size bed.

Well, if you want both features in one package, get a Zip and Link bed. It's basically two single beds linked together by a double zipper and linking bars on the base to form one big bed, which can be separated anytime when you need them to be.

Depending on the space available in your guest room, if there is enough length to extend, you can place them in twin arrangement that could be great for children. On the other hand, if there is going to be a couple staying or given that the room isn't big enough, just zip and link the beds together.

Zip and link beds are great for couples as they eliminate the 'roll-together' effect, which happens on regular beds when both sleepers are of contrasting weights. So, these aren't just excellent beds for guest accommodations; they are also perfect for your master bedroom as well.

Apart from the mattress, you can also get additional toppers, pads, protectors and headboards either in a single manner or one that fits the larger when the bed is combined. Be careful when choosing headboards though, as you will not be able to reuse a king size board when the beds are separated, and vice versa.

The process of separating and putting together the furniture can still be a little bit of a hassle for older homeowners. Also, for furniture this big, you'll really need a lot of area in the room. Zip and link beds in the UK are undeniably popular due to their versatility as a single and twin bed at the same time. There is a huge range of zip and link bed designs and mattress options available in the market and certainly there'll be one that is right for you.

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